16 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Boy EVER!

  1. HEY !!! My eyes get a fix on a guy in the movies and later it wears off. The effect is very real. I get a fix on a physical guy and later it wears off. Or not. HA HA HA. Real is a fix. A fix is real. Even uglies. OH !!! That is something else … UH OH I shall shut up. laugh laugh

    • Speaking of Fixes! It was love at first sight for me when I saw Asa’s beautiful face the first time! he reminded me of my first boyfriend in Middle school! his eyes were that bright blue! and when we first met and he looked at me with those Baby Blues! it was like lightning bolts were hitting me! and I had never felt that way about another boy again until Asa came along!

  2. Thank you very much to this panel of the wonderful actor Asa Butterfield. Hugo Cabret and The boy with the stripped pajama were his best movie. But every movie where Asa play is lovely. joy

    • He is to me! and I say to each their own opinion! Even Kit51 has the right to his Unsavory opinion! My Dad used to always say that he might not agree with what you have to say, but he’d fight for your right to say it!

  3. Fascinating as Hugo Cabret. He keeps your eyes glued to the screen, even before he talks. His way of talking is beautiful. And off-screen, he is a remarkable person. As he is on-screen.

  4. Um dos atores mais lindo que eu já vi e já assisti bastante filmes ele me encantou no primeiro filme dele que eu assisti que no caso foi Ender Game, depois comecei a procurar os demais filmes dele…

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