22 thoughts on “boy pee pants

  1. I agree with thomix that’s not very nice for these poor boys to have what is a problem for them to be on the net and to be made fun of is not nice

  2. Okay, I’m not sure if i would say much about this either.
    I agree with Thomix and Obadiah, it can be with a matter of fact; embarressing or a problem.
    I assume that no one (maybe) would like a pic of them selves peed. sorry no sad

  3. Oh, for Christ’s sake, lighten up! Who are you going to blame? The person who took the original photo? The person who posted them? or me, who enjoys them? I really don’t think any viewer of this site has grounds to be judgmental. Capiche?

  4. Not meant to disgrace them in any way. Just a fetish much like boys in diapers or boys in underwear. Just a different way to look at the beauty/innocence of a boy. Yes it may be embarrassing but its a part of life just like everything else here. So, peace everyone!!! smile

  5. God, you guys are all so freakin’ gullible! These are so obviously photoshopped! The “wet patch” in the first one is too high, the second is an unlikely perfect circle – the “slightly darken tool” and the rest – well – you guys work it out if you have half a brain. I suppose there are plenty of sick f***s who get off on these kind of images!

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