7 thoughts on “boys from good view 2

  1. Are these of boy orphanages of Europe ? There are lots of these photos of Russian and Eastern European orphanages, boys and girls. Also aware of Chinese versions and elsewhere. Like the whitish hair boh tying his shoe on the rock in Picture Number Eight. Will donate my pay for his just his looks. cat

    • I will never put the cat as a symbol ever again. My mistake as I love cats and never look at that symbol before. The Picture Number Eight guy reminds me of a ca t but not tis cat as this site provides as a symbol. NO ! hug in the stead.

  2. 6,7,8 would love to help that boy look for his lost sock or just take that one off and suck lick and smell those cute feet in 6 yummy yummy I also would love to smell that crack on that boy in 2 inlove inlove monkey monkey hug hug heart heart

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