28 thoughts on “Dima through the years

  1. Well what can I say? He’s gorgeous beyond words! heart Not to mention… Well… less clean thoughts. ;) It seems like years still haven’t made its negative effects on his beauty! Still so lovely! Just look at his smile in the last pic! inlove
    Thanks for sharing! good

  2. Its not dirty to admire. Where is Dima from,Germany? What does he do,how old is he? Well,one things is for sure.He has brighten our eyes with hes smiles,and gave us understanding on how to look at an adorable young boy,and i wish him all the best. Thank you Dima,where ever you may be,i hope the sun is apon your face,and the wind be at your back. Watch over your family,and live a long fruitful life. God’s speed,Dima,and may he always be in your heart,for you have that wonderful sparkle of life,in your eyes,and a smile that fills the room. Many hopes and dreams come true,for you,and may your future kids,be as you,a good hearted young man.,or young ladies,which ever,the case may be.Bye Dima. We’ll think of you….always. Kindly yours….Michael. DOB 1997. good

    • His name is probably Evgeniy / Zhenya, from Russia (Charabatovsk, far east it seems). For pics of Carlos I can’t help you, maybe make a topic entry about it or search the blog, but please don’t spam the comments with your request.

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