15 thoughts on “Freckles Boys Enjoy!!!!

  1. A guy living near here nearby asks me why — ‘Why do you [me] like cats and dogs’. . . I fail to be able to answer. But it aint all cats nor all dogs I like. Just some. I am particular. But I love speckles. So, I count the dots on this guy’s face [236]. He falls in love. But not with me. Go figure. dash

    • Yes, I count each dot and put it on paper as a real count and yes I do account each dot as from part of his face as best I can on his photo as best I can. I am as exact as an accountant can be. Say this all me do Just in case anyone figures I am a liar or some exaggerant. The very light dots on his face I make a separate list [496] as irrelevant dots no one without close view could even see. Not my first accounting. I do see guys with NO dots accountable and some with not any dots at all. Yes … I see such and do explore and find guys with NONE and no dots and no cover up nor make over. Just to say to those who do not believe. I do not believe until I explore. Now I am aware. good

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