15 thoughts on “Hot-bodied Berlin Boys

  1. I am booking my flight to Berlin ASAP. Soooo HOT all of them. thanks,

  2. There are certain places in the world where boys aren’t genetically blessed and other places where they are ,Berlin is obviously one of the later , wowsers is all I can say
    laugh heart

  3. #1 & #2: those flesh-coloured undies are a real turn-on when on such beautiful boys.
    #8 is lovely but I would love to see more of #9 just turned to face camera in his white undies.

    What a collection!

  4. I like the hair of Picture Number Seven, I like Picture Number Seven’s look also. I want Picture Number Seven, the person, here. Oh… He is busy elsewhere. OK. Tell him I love him and let it go at that. cool

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