Alone, but not forgotten

These are the boys that certain societies shun. They are the pariahs of the streets. Betrayed by their own countrymen, and left to die. These boys share something that none of the other boys on this site have…a desire to be acknowledged as humans. Even just a little. To me, these boys are more beautiful than any of the models posted. Because they are.

Street KidsStreet Kids 2Street Kids 3Boy sniffing glueStreet Kids 4Street Kids 5

16 thoughts on “Alone, but not forgotten

  1. These children exist in every society and it a sad fact that governments spend billions on space exploration and weapons yet there are still children going hungry and without a roof over their heads I think people don’t realise what it’s like until it happens to them cry

  2. I would take any one of these beautiful boys into my home if I could. Show them that they are truly loved. Not just for their outer beauty, but more so for the beautiful souls inside of them. No harm would come of them.

  3. I wish to help one of this boys. Take him to live with me, give him love and a wonderfull life. But society and laws don’t let this happen. They just let this boys die.

  4. Im generally quiet on B.O.B and don’t post,but after seeing the post “alone but not forgotten”. I had to reply and say THANK YOU FOR the beautiful pics. There are so many of these boys, and as im sure you know,BoyLovers are hated in many parts of the world. As for bringing one home..its almost impossible, however if you can travel go see yourself. Most of these boys don’t survive. I live in one of the Mighty Nations of the world, but we are filled with hate. One of the street boys,very similar to those in the post died of respiratory infection,infection..which could have been prevented for about 10 us dollars. I wasn’t there…i was back home making money. A regret i will always have. If you can..go find..see..and if you become aware..never let Hate or Greed stop you. with love roughboy

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