17 thoughts on “Teen Pin-ups

  1. in order _ 1. Leif Garrett — Odd Couple
    2. Lance kerwin — James at 15
    3. Will Wheaton —- Stand by Me or STNG
    4. Ricky Schroder —- Silver Spoons
    5. Scott Baio — Happy Days or Charles in Charge
    6. Jimmy Baio —– Soap
    7. Matthew and Patrick Laborteaux —— Little House
    8. River Phoenix — Stand by Me
    9. Ricky Martin — member of Menudo
    10. Menudo

  2. I do not recognize the guy in Picture Number Six. ‘ 6. Jimmy Baio —– Soap ‘, says one response. Never recall him nor recognize, and he cannot be, as another suggests, ‘ Jimmy McNichol, brother of Kristy McNichol. ‘ as I would definitely recognize Jimmy, my Jimmy, my James McNichol, and I think of him as mine, special attraction to me. Scott Baio does not have a brother does he ? Have to look that up. I like the younger Scott Baio. I do not like the guy in Picture Number Six and I do not like the picture. Nice offering mr. Dell. Please send / put up more pin ups. I cover my walls with these teen magazine guys at one time, hundreds of them. All lost and gone now. Have to remove them for … reasons. HA HA.

  3. You guys want something to REALLY pant over?! go to youtube and play the movie “God’s Gun”! it stars Leif as a 15 year old…cough!…cough!… SEXY 15 year old Saloon owner! shock AND!! there’s a scene in the movie where his is SHIRTLESS! shock heart Don’t be surprised if you have heart throbbings during the movie! laugh diablo

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