12 thoughts on “Crazed boy!!

  1. That’s the exact reason I don’t drink alcohol wacko I have very little memory of what I did but I woke up naked in a garden covered in some sort of green sauce and purple glitter and a red bow tie wacko

  2. Great music video!!! This music is not just my music, but I listen to of course sometimes also punk and this was not the first time when I saw this video, and specifically to the music video. But the visual aspect is absolutely fantastic. This idea and execution are absolutely great. In my view, this looks and sounds much, much better than one Justin B’s videos. And now I apology to all J.B’s fans because this is just my opinion and not the millions of J.B’s fans. Sorry! I hope that quite all didn’t got their coffee or tea in the wrong throat because of this. sorry shock blush smile

  3. I cannot save this cute silly video. I can see and so on but cannot save it for future viewing. ( I cannot figure out how without spending money. ) ( there are ways of downloading anything … good down loads … of anything … for a fee … not worth it to me ) tx for this silly pleasantry. drinks

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