10 thoughts on “06 Wet boys

  1. Me still love the old LEAFlet left over, as is Picture Number Seven, over all the rest of these. I recognize him as a leaflet from LEAF. OH ! I just check & there is the part of the LEAF logo ‘they’, whoever ‘they’ are, fail to clip off. ‘they’ usually clip off all LEAFlet photo logo, as if to make it their own. I recognize this practice many times, for all originals. I at one time have 10 thousand pics, all now lost and gone, from the former LEAF site. homo phobia is not the issue. Many hate others. Many gays hate, I mean HATE, LEAF, and other, boy photographers, more than any Xtn and anti-gay group hates gays and us. LGBT says dickless comes first and dickless comes last, dicklessing all by crush. laugh laugh laugh laugh shut me up. Thanks for the post GoodGuyJack !!! smile and smile drinks on me.

  2. #1 is so handsome. Expressive biceps, big shoulders, developed chest and flat washboard abs. I’d love to have him pin me and hold my shoulders firmly to the ground. And I’d gladly pin #4 and #5 and the rest of the boys.

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