Hello, I am new here.


I am new here and I post some Boys, made in real life, except the posing “SadoMaso”. He is my Special smile

Please send comments or questions.

About me: I am middle-aged, in middle-europe and I am not only attracted in Boys. I also love Girls, most important is NO HAIRS (except on Head), so I love the age about 6 to 12 …

Most I like thighs and soles.

“Only Face” I can Count the kiddys I like at the fingers of my Hands … But if they put on very short Shorts, my love grows exponential. But summery maybe 30 % of Kids I love. I am very strange to this …

okay, this is it for the first post.


Oh I forgot: I also like two Kids together, but if only one is my love, than the hole Picture is destroyed for me. Also whe there are kiddys with adults: For my Person an absolutely NoGo.

Have fun.

for me: the shorts are too long ... really: photographed at school-play-yard!!! hot boy needs cold water Another boy in school-garden Boy hugged by girlfriend School kid in school-garden waiting for the school-bus fresh from school: Tired He is a SadoMaso. He NEVER wears long trousers Hot Boy lets the snow melt

30 thoughts on “Hello, I am new here.

  1. 5 with too large a head and red eyes from a wrong direction, 8 just the head just looks way off, 9 sitting down crucifix position including his head position, as if dead … all such is this the signature of his evil. All is not natural nor for a site promoting freedom. this shortestshorts guy is a fraud evil from the get go and is a known throughout Europe as such by many names and memes and you can quartermain me for this but I say so from experience. CUT me off but me be do such as me do so assert.

  2. Please note that lots of these feet do not show all five toes and are of that though otherwise fine a photo which should show all toes. A trademark. The phony crucifix guy as an example in two ways. if you administrators plug me off this site block me off this site I undertand and I say no more forever here. diablo

    • All Pictures are full and have full legs. Maybe – if sometimes a watermark is cut off, then there you also caut away a part of the model. The Boy in the Cabin is playing. Relaxing, Sleeping, different poses. Why are you so bad, that you want to ruin this place?
      Tell me, you can also PM or E-Mail me and we can discuss. Bye.

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