Andreas boy! ;)

Oddly enough, I’ve never seen him around here, and he might be a bit older than the average here (in some of his pics). But, anyway, I think he has a very handsome face, so I hope you also enjoy him too!! smile

Andreas_84952 (1)

Andreas_84952 (9)

Andreas__5663 (1)


Andreas_boy!!! (1)

Andreas_boy!!! (3)



7 thoughts on “Andreas boy! ;)

  1. were me to meet him in a dark alley against him, me be ending as a sore loser and be making a sour puss. me meet him daylight public friendly and he can do similar effects if he tries. wacko me smile first and win him over to me, poor me can hope. me see and copy his image before and lose them all. there are hundreds, at least, me lose, out of thousands me choose from at the time. there are images that be such as sweet as newly opening flowers in the morning and those of such showing a tough as bark or a bad dog, laugh both examples you show here. laugh thankyou for giving. smile

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