27 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday :)

  1. The new site works better. I got sick and tired of all the 505 errors and redirected to a secondary site with a bunch of links from 2 years ago. It still works well in the US.

  2. The guy in Picture Number One here, the short blond hair holding a weed stem, is so beautiful he definitely needs protection !!! And, also, he needs protection from that human weed in the picture, the guy with the looks of contempt, in the back, who looks as if to protest the photographing of the beauty that maybe he thinks is his rather than he himself being the in the main photograph instead. WOW WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PHOTo !!! Instant Love, Pure, Perfect, is th short blond hair with the weed. Hate the human weed in the background who is jealous … not that he should not be but he does show it too much …….. ???? Dangerous ???

    • I think you’re getting a false reading on the background boy’s expression! Looked to me like he was playfully making that face for the camera.


  3. #7 – once your attention’s off the diver, look at what’s behind him! What a baffling visual – whose arm is that? Is this rogue sea-hand drowning the other swimmer?!

    Some really nice photos here.


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