14 thoughts on “boys i like

    • me 2 that is y i put it up so I could get rid of it so I signed up for this blog because I have to many boy pics most of them are on Google Plus and some that I like on here my posts are olny going to have 5 pics

  1. Picture Number Two has the taller of the two in that picture who is so cute and has such a fresh loveliness that even my wall calls for such to be on it all over it as it wants a beautiful blond. Beautiful blondes are rare and the guy in that photo holding on to the other one is one. Even the face expression is rare. PERFECT PURE LOVE, a three word expression rare in my use. That is your fault and I make you ok. smile what I fail to understand is the background in the photo. if you have more of the taller of the two in that photo of that PERFECT PURE LOVE please pm and tell me who what when where how. Please imagine why. hug

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