Robert Frost poem.


I read some comments about boys losing there sexiness after 19 thought this poem was appropriate  love always BigBoy37 Thx for the opportunity to post cartoon boys and boys.

4 thoughts on “Robert Frost poem.

  1. This is beautiful, I think those that say that something is lost when a child becomes a certain age do not love the child, they love the idea of a child, Love is never lost, love knows no age, love makes beauty in the ugliest creature, If they know love beauty is not lost

    • I totally agree with you. Those that believe a boy loses his sexiness as he ages do not love the boy at all – they merely lust after his appearance because of their own sexual urges. The only thing that changes as a boy ages is his physical appearance – so if you cannot love a boy over a certain age, then his physical appearance is all you think of him. Who he really is matters nothing to you.

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