21 thoughts on “07 Nice views from behind =)

  1. I always thought ‘ bottoms up ‘ was about drinking. drinks I never thought the tongue had anything to do with bums as bums often do nothing but drink. drinks Saying ‘ behind ‘ always referred, somehow, depending, to slow drinkers or drinking slow ( on purpose or not ). drinks The use of ‘ but ‘ more than once in a conversation was s sign of drunkenness drinks ‘ but out ‘ meant go away drinks and ‘ hot ass ‘ was a definite no-no in certain bars, time to go home. drinks smile

  2. Now I can’t get the taste of #1, 3, 6 & 7 outta my greedy mouth = so I’m pretty sure I saw rollerskate boy not too long ago, maybe n a dream, a wet one, last pic I’ve seen a lot recently but that scrumptious kid is just puddin pantastik!!! I wanna see that green butter everyday!!

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