15 thoughts on “I am sure you will love it

  1. Yes, lots more of these “boys.” Want to sign up for their yoga class!

    • The younger one needs short thin weave sport pants or sport boxers, not the undy kind, that are very baggy but also actually have a waist band that hugs the waist, and such exist in sports stores, though they have to check out a few, and stop that waist band silliness. They must have already, as they are not new to this game here, so the waistband ‘issue’ is on purpose, so figures this guy. And the younger has what looks like crotch checking and constant readjustments Figure this as part the a fore thought. The younger one only acts as more pushy but the older cooperates as he has more control. It is a cute video, as you indicate, especially the touching of the each other. laugh laugh smile smile

  2. interpretive funning, that is all this crap is. mere funning around and that is all. CRAP might mean CROP, leading to a belt or stick, depending, leading to CRIP. uh-oh depending on the reaction of the viewer. the video is an act. for all to see. and rehearsing is necessary here. so they are actors. good actors laugh laugh laugh or …. otherwise !! ha ha smile smile smile

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