Beauty Summer XIV “Free and innocent”

I try to post pictures that do not have any sexual sense. I love boys the way they deserve, Please never touch a child !! Never hurt him !!

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18 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XIV “Free and innocent”

  1. Very well said and i agree with all you said.
    But sadly all this blog came down to is provocative photos with sick sexual comments. That’s probably why so many older members stopped sharing their own photos.
    Unfortunately don’t expect too many positive comments to this post.
    Obviously to dome people here all that a boy is good for is to fulfill thrir dicj sexual fantasies snd that is NOT ehat a boxlover is at all. True honest love for a boy is putting his happiness and well being before yours.

    • I disagree and agree at the same time. A photo is only an image either on a piece of cardboard or on a screen. You can´t make a photo happy or unhappy. A boy is not an object, but photos and images are objects. To confuse an image with a real person is to suffer from “image fetishism”. I find most of the photos in this blog, even the provocative ones, really beautiful, I do admit however that many comments are in bad taste, to say the least, even “sick”, but what is sickly is not the depiction of a boy´s body, whether dressed or naked, but the mind behind these disagreeable comments. Just skip them. After all we are here in this blog to appreciate the photos, not to polemize.

  2. Thankyou rusthy you express my sentiments exactly boys are not objects there beautiful innocent people not to be hurt or mistreated in anyway thanks for your awesome post inlove dog

  3. Thanks so much for your comment, Rusty. You are absolutely right, all the way! There are some good posts on this site, but there are also some pretty sick ones that sometimes make me want to leave. I come back for posts like yours. Keep it up!!!

  4. Thanks for the support. Many boylover are attracted sexually by the boys. Please keep your comments for yourself.
    We are for the respect for the boys, they are angels innocents, they are not thinking about sex, they are happy with their achievements, fun, and own love of one boy.
    Please, stop to make of sexual comments.
    This blog has been distorted their essence. I’m bored of sick and sexual comments, many former members have been leaving BoysBlogs, leaving step for some guys who all they do is imagine with those children in his bed.
    Who knows if they use these pictures for satisfy their sexual feelings?, indecent degenerates.
    Worst is what children in the pictures some times have 4, 5 and up to 12 years old. They could be their sons, their brothers.
    I repeat, I love boys the way they deserve, Please never touch a child !! Never hurt him !!

    I want to be friend of all
    add me kik rusthydade1996

  5. Wow what are you people talking about when I was a boy I enjoyed sexual fun with men older than me I was never hurt or forced and was happy to consent. Boys are beautiful and must not be seen as sexual objects I agree but to look at pics on this blog in a sexual way is not wrong nor is it wrong to speak in a sexual way. To have nowhere to speak in this way will create more harm than good. This is the perfect way to look and appreciate boys for there beauty. So I say express yourself here in anyway you like. And how is the Lilli pop pic not sexual I mean really.

  6. Every person who is honest to yourself admits some attraction to younger people at some life’s point. Back in the later 60’s, 70’s and earlier 80’s when there was many boy magazines and it allowed the BL public some satisfaction of their urges giving some space to manifest their desires. But today with all the main midia leading an hysterical campaign and giving easy answers to such delicate matter it makes more susceptible someone hurt a kid.
    But we are smart people around here and we have learned to deal with those emotions: be honest, truthful and lovely and you’ll have someday all back!

  7. I fail to get the comments. Boys are often sexual before actual puberty ( ejaculate effective ). Real and as an example is me. And others I meet at school. The boys room at elementary school is full of examples at age eight, third grade for me, though I am not participatory. I am observing and too afraid to get into it. Except by myself in bed at home. I fall in love with a certain guy and his butt and his blond hair and his body in grade three but forbidden !. I play with myself then, too. Some boys with the big dics do not get sexual until 18 eighteen, and others get into it at age 9 nine. GET REAL ! I mean, you need to deal with reality and fore go the ignorance of the ‘sexua’l ‘experts, who ignore reality. NO MAN ever molests me. Female caretakers spank my balls and abuse boys genitals, dick and balls and ass, in the closet, and the boys’ asses in front of the rest of us, while I am in kindergarten and day care … I am there to witness it. No girls EVER get punishment that way. NO … you do not, for fear of jail, ever, EVER, say anything. They believe you not any defense, nor explanation, as I can attest. Mere pictures get you into a convict making and you have no defense against the NEW SEXUAL PROHIBITION. The Salem Witch Trials all over again, but worse. Now there is the two twelve year olds accuse of child sex abuse with each other by their sharing of each other by phone photos. DUH ! Tell me about child protection in the USA. Reality tv type stuff is nothing by comparison to what I go through and witness.

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