Kids Spank Videos

10 thoughts on “Kids Spank Videos

  1. Boy spanking is not the same as Girl spanking. Not all boys get the same spanking. Girl spankings are different, usually, not always, from boy spankings. Similarities are not Equalities. Here they are playing around. Leave it there. ??? As if. laugh laugh laugh

  2. the long-haired 13 year old boy in the second vid looks like the hottie from the movie Dazed and Confused. There was a lot of spanking going on in that movie too.

  3. Vid #2….I like the way the mother comes in and put the Kai bash on it all..she`s like “No no i dont want you playing like that ,i dont care what its for,,,” she was pissed! That boy was hot! I like the blonde boy in vid#3 and the babies were funny…

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