25 thoughts on “Breathless bcuz of him

  1. Why do they who post say not what the source is and the who any model is and the what any copyright is … they trim it all off of any kind so very often, and otherwise make it off as their very own. Will Franklyn Miller is a name for some of these in this poat and the source is still silent. I hate such silence. It is no different than … oh shut me up … laugh laugh laugh smile

  2. The first time I saw him I was stunned at his beauty! Those beautiful eyes were just as stunning as the rest of him,Like another member said his face is so symmetrical and perfect! I couldn’t help but to “do things” immediately while viewing his pics!! I had to!! chuckle and yes its not a secret his name is William Franklyn Miller and he has a YT and Instagram account,Hes a model and has done some acting ( A fish out of water) as well as a student! He is one of THE most attractive boys all around….Love him!! Love those blue eyes!!! dash dash yes heart hug inlove joy

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