16 thoughts on “Is more better? #3

    • laugh Agreed! #7 is probably my favorite, the boy in front. Love his beautiful long hair and gorgeous tan legs heart the last three pics fall awfully close, though..

  1. Picture number Five, the two boys abouting the crayfish, and abouting each other, looks real, but also looks abouting as a set up for the photographer. Hope they get a good pay, if so. That is a fave picture to me, set up or no. TOO CUTE TO IGNORE, set up or no. [ Note that there is someone behind them. ] To me, it is a pure instant love picture, set up or no. It is a set up, am now after seeing it 100 times, and finally figure it a set up. AWWWW. PURE LOVE anyway in a way. Shucks. cry dash

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