7 thoughts on “Shades of color

  1. Great color … just perfect color shade. Something completely different than these deathly pale boys here us after the winter. The boy looks fabulous. If he still has somewhat longer and bushy rasta hairstyle he would be just perfect for my tastes. good heart smile

  2. not my type of black. OH BABY do eye see them beautiful … mmmm … you out of africa, see them here … and see them as ugly as white or as beautiful. as ugly or as beautiful as asian and phillipino and — oh — wherever from wherever and how whatever … like and prefer is one thing … what prefer and like but like also as also cute and beautiful what there is in life if there the nice there it is. smile smile smile

    • if it be ugly, that is that. no sorry. fact is fact. no like, then, no like. no sorry. even ugly know ugly. not my fault. mirror shows what there is. ugly like ugly and beautiful, and beautiful might like ugly but prefer beautiful, just as ugly so prefer. we live together anyway. somehow. eight billion with a few million beautiful, 2%. there is 98% not beautiful. 30% just plain ugly. many are just plain ok or ….. in between. laugh laugh laugh

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