22 thoughts on “Selfies in the bathroom

  1. Guys dont be taken in by this guy, the pictures are not of him as i will prove to the admin via pm, the lad in the pictures is not 13 and not gay in anyway, the pictures the real lad took was for a girl he was chatting to on another social media site and his pictures have been hijacked and posted all over the net, this guy posting these pictures is impersonating the lad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have no idea what you are taking about! These pictures are of me and I can prove it if I have to. I don’t even know about this site you’re talking about.

      • Con éste es el 4º post que publicas: 1 de abril, 7 de abril, 27 de abril y hoy 5 de mayo. En total 15 fotos del mismo muchacho atractivo y guay..Hay 23, 34 y 21 comentarios anteriores sin ninguna pega. ¡ Adelante LiKEME !!!
        With this is the 4th post you have published: April 1, 7 April 27 April to 5 May today. In total 15 pictures of the same attractive and guay boy heart . There are 23, 34 and 21 previous comments without any objection. Forward Likeme !!! inlove joy

  2. Not saying I disagree with you. Out of three previous posts this is the one that gets your attention. This kid must of really liked the girl to post his pics on another social media sites. If it were me I would have just texted the pictures to her. He should have known the once pictures are out on the Internet it becomes public domain. Which is how most of the pics on this site are attained. Nothing is never safe once it’s posted.

  3. Regardless of who actually sent them, they are a great set. The boy is sexy and sweet at the same time, gay or straight!!! I’m enjoying the pics very much.
    To the poster: pm me anytime keep in touch your awesome.
    To everyone else: just enjoy the beauty of the boy shown!!

  4. It’s not worth lying to people in this life or hurting people and if these pictures have been hijacked and they were ment to be private then it’s violating this boys privacy so to everyone out there just be real xxx obi inlove

  5. You look hot as hell Love your cute face and hot sexy boy body! Nice big package too!!! Dying for more,more more……….GORGEOUS and FABULOUS !!! heart hug

  6. LIKEME i love very purity and innocence of you boys
    I love very barefoot boys because i love very your magic feet
    Boys you are for me my little brothers
    I love very boys with all my soul and heart
    I would give my life for you

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