25 thoughts on “Beautiful Sonny

  1. monkey penguin hug gamer help inlove Gracias amigo por la publicación la selección de fotos de SONNY es excelente y es mi modelo favorito te encargo por favor que publiques más.

  2. Glad someone resurrected these….fortunately I was collecting them when he was an Internet star among boylovers, so I have about fifty+ pics of him in his most seductive poses.

    When I checked recently, most of those pics have vanished and even a google search doesn’t turn up much these days. But he’s forever immortalized in my private library.

    I can only assume that he passed through puberty and either he or his parents didn’t want those images our there anymore, so scrubbed all references to him. But he was amazingly sensual in his pre-pubescent state. Half boy, half girl, eyes and body full of innocence and lust…what could be more intoxicating than that?

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