45 thoughts on “Excitingly Hot !

  1. You do have a certain way of presenting your selection of pictures that brings out the best in each boy thankyou Jeanette please keep your awesome posts coming laugh inlove dog

  2. #6 Where did you find a boy who actually wears tight ass jeans? The more I look at him the more I love him. #5 Is just like the boy that liked me in class, but I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t see him watching me. He had to come up and ask me if I liked boys. I just said, “DUH!” because my watching him made it “TOO APPARENT!”.

    I found the ZOOM feature on my computer today! YES! ZZZOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

  3. mistake me make … but some people prefer, and react to, guys and girls under the pubescent age. the reaction is automatic. Freud even is aware, as much an idiot he is, he is aware of such, and he honestly says so, even if he is an idiot ideationally, but he is honest. [ Jung is a liar. ] like guys who are sexually aware. OH ! boys at of an age much earlier are physically aware. forget the age limit !!! sex becomes cumm but starts simply body physical at various ages. sorry to misinterpret. forget my own beginnings … … hug cat yes, the cats…

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