21 thoughts on “From the Archive #12

  1. One , seven and nine , I just love skinny pale long haired boys they just seem to grab my heart and don’t let go and I don’t mind in fact I like it blush heart inlove

  2. Stefan is the sweetest most passive boy I’ve ever come across. Shy at first but he opens up like a delicate little flower and he just radiates boy beauty. Such a sweetie pie

  3. I’ll take #’s 2 and 3. heart

    Also quite the small mess 3 has there. laugh (I have no idea why I thought of of that. I’m a dork and just had to say it.

  4. Picture Number Five, with the writing on him, needs maybe come here and nest with the red raven, maybe that is me, but maybe not. Such a body needs a red raven. Maybe this local red will fly out and find him and nick him. Maybe it will get other things to claw him and fly him here. There is a man needing / wanting attention … RICARD’ VIVE ♥ ET ALOS MÉMÉ [TIT] PALOMA ALOS ♥ [belly button] and other writing. He needs my red raven.

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