Im posting this photo of me as proof that I didn’t ‘steal’ my pictures from some other social media site, as on person believed I did.


As you can see, I’m holding up my iPad with this site open on it next to my face. I doubt there would be any pictures like this one on the site that I supposedly stole my pictures from.

So I hope it is clear to everyone now that this is me and there are no more complications.

Thank you.

74 thoughts on “Proof

  1. you are a really cute and pretty boy joy
    I hope you are not sad, you are not looking happy sad

    Please stay always careful, if you be looking for same aged boys.
    Not all persons who claim to be young are real.

  2. We all love you, mostly, my boy, sweet and courageous, A lot of members here love you. Forget that mess without any interest and post what you like, what you love, you and your friends. As maybe you know, I adopted 5 boys and I know what is a boy ! I like you. Go on and post. You’re so nice. Few members are young like you (and I am not ! laugh ) But i admire you and you deserves to be loved by who you love. Be happy, think here there are so many members who are proud to know you ! Get rid off this sad mask, and put on a joyfull smiling face. See you soon with bright eyes….. hug heart joy

  3. Your cute! I love u!

    Make friends have fun…hopefully find other boys you can connect with, but be careful too.

    Looking forward to more pics

  4. Yes you are very cute and you look like a smart boy. Be very careful on the internet. There are plenty of bad people out there who will hurt you with no regard to your feelings. And psychological pain is ten times worse than the physical one. Trust me, as a former bully victim as a child i know what i’m talking about. That’s probably why i have that special connection with kids now.
    I hope you are a happy and healthy boy with lots of good friends. And real friends are hard to find these days. You look very cute and sweet. You must have good looking parents. I hope to have a son like you in near future. All the best to you in your young life. It’s posts like this that brought the good old spirit of this blog back. Even if for just a moment it felt like old times again.

  5. You look a bit sad, cheer up, you are a pretty boy.

    As BluEyes said “Be very careful on the internet. There are plenty of bad people out there who will hurt you with no regard to your feelings.”
    I 100% agree on that, there are lot of trolls on the net. Never let people force you doing things. If you are threatened or even blackmailed, go to your parents or a teacher on school.

    Have fun, life is beautiful, enjoy it.


  6. What a brave young man. I wish i was your age now but with the knowledge that my early teens gave me about what certain people want to do to cute , pretty boys.
    Just be careful out there and stay safe. heart

  7. Please listen to what members have told you and keep yourself safe you are very brave to have done what you have done and proved that’s it’s really you now stay safe and have fun.

  8. If that is you holding up the iPad then please think about what you post online. A few months ago,I posted a picture of my yf ( with his permission ) to the members blog as part of a post,just one single picture,and it’s already turned up on Twitter and Tumblr.One user on Twitter is actually using it as his profile picture!

    It’s the nature of the net but you do need to be carefull.

  9. I’m sorry to break it to you guys, but that’s not proof at all. First off, that could be photoshopped. If it’s not, well? All he’s holding up is a picture of the website. Anybody could have messaged him on some other site, asked him to take a picture of this site, and then uploaded it here to make it look like he’s on THIS site. If you really want to prove yourself, take the same picture, but of the right side of the screen where it says, “Howdy, (username).” If you can show your face next to YOUR username, then that will be legit. smile

  10. Wow people will people stop making out this site is full off predators. I am 27 i love boys and would never hurt one. There are plenty of good people on the internet to. I belive this boy so well done and off course be safe but also dont be scared off by all these guys acting like the internets full of bad people only some. You seen a clever lad you know all that anyway.

  11. I believe that you are saying the truth and posting your photos,i dont know if you are saying lies because you are so awesome and very cute and i dont think you photoshopped that pic

  12. I think that it’s sad that this poor dude has to feels like he has to proof himself to someone. He shouldn’t have to do that. He should be able to post whatever he wants to. I don’t think he would go to great efforts to fake a photo.

    • I agree Colt why cant everyone just let others post and no one should have to prove themselves. Most people that make negative comments aren’t even members. We are here to enjoy the beauty of boys not to be bullied. So I would say if you have negative comments keep them to yourselves. Likeme you see how much love is here, dont worry about the others who make negative comments. You are not the only one that deals with people like that on here! heart drinks

  13. Leave the boy alone ,he is who he is and he posts what he posts , personally I like like me and I feel he’s being truthful if you don’t then don’t read his posts but don’t bully anybody on this site , it’s about love inlove

    • Well said Obi. Sadly though those same bullies will never hear what you’re saying here because they live in their own world and only hear what they wanna hear.
      The best thing is to ignore such people if they even deserve to be called people.
      Peace and love!

  14. Your post has encouraged the true nature of the majority to shine through in this blog. It is heartwarming to read the care that nearly every comment expresses for you. Stay safe, have fun, enjoy the blog and try to ignore the troublemakers. Thank you so much for your post. hug

  15. You are a beautiful boy
    I love very teenagers boys
    I love very boys feet
    I love you very you are for me a little brother

  16. I agree with bulldozer. Don’t post any more photos of yourself, LIKEME. You do appear to be sad. I think your user name says it all. I may be wrong, but if you are suffering from esteem issues you need to find help in the real world. I would hope you can turn to a trusted adult for any problems you are experiencing. You should not have to turn to the net to gain acceptance for who you are. Take care.

  17. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself. Most people who would not believe you are not going to believe anything you say or do, its just in their nature. You are a good-looking boy, it takes courage to do what you did. Just don’t state where you live or any other personal info. It’s good to be brave just not to brave.

  18. And it is however rare that somebody claiming to be as young as you are and are telling the truth. Definitely in this day and age with people claiming their a lot of things. The Web is full of fakes and yeah there’s not a lot in quantity but what few there is, they’re basically flooding the web. One person alone can take up a good portion of Web activity because of multiple accounts.

  19. And according to Google, your pictures hasn’t shown up anywhere else in the web,which is a good thing, so that would prove the ones who thinks you stole the images wrong. If it has been stolen it would have been shown on Google when you cross search it. So thumbs up to that.

  20. Ok “likeme” you have heard from all of us who really care about you. What is going to be your next step? Will you continue to post more pics of yourself or will you just leave us. As much as i would hate to see you go you should do what you think is best for you. We all believe you and you are who you say you are. If you need anything just pm me anytime

  21. YOU BE YOU!…..Do what YOU want to do NOT what anyone else “Thinks” you should do! Even though you are young as we know, our generation was weened on the net ,you know whats what already…You DO have to be safe but you have to also realize that alot of users did NOT grow up with computers as a lot of us did and that may be the reason they are trying to give you some good advice! I know you already know that once you put “pics” and info out there…Its there 4 ever, somewhere at least?… I think you are very brave ,cute and a wee wiser then some are giving you credit for(some say the 14 is the new 24?)…Most here were in your same shoes when they were boys but just didn’t have the net…So like I said ,Do what you feel is right for you! Im not trying to sway your opinion,Im just saying to do what you want to do!,,,,Now do I want to see your pics ..Im not gonna lie YES I do!….but not at the expense of your safety and happiness. Hope to see more of you on here enjoying what everyone is ,you have that right!….

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