28 thoughts on “Different boys

  1. Hi Lusiboy old friend. Nice to see you still around here.
    I especially like 4 and 7. Very cute and handsome looking boys .
    Gotta love a hot young boy in jeans. Can’t miss with those!

  2. NATURE BOY NUMBER THREE! He might be wearing shoes, but that and his shorts on top of his head is it! He has that air of confidence in himself. I’d love to go walking in the woods with him.

  3. Amazing selection, Lusiboy!
    #2 by the soda bottle the boy seems to be from Brazil???
    #3 gets any heart who put the eyes on him.
    #4 absolutely stunning and irresistible…
    Thanks and congrats!

  4. Nice healthy set of fantastik boytoy adolescence = i dont think i had seen any of these spectacular cuties except #7 & 8 = impressive post = we like the same thingz n nature cat

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