Top 3 german language boys

My personal favorite is Noah from Austria . He is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen . His eyes!

Mein persönlicher Favorit ist Noah aus Österreich. Er ist der schönste Junge den ich je gesehen habe. Seine Augen!


Dylan from Switzerland. He also has a beautiful face and incredible legs.

Dylan aus der Schweiz. Er hat ebenfalls ein wunderschönes Gesicht und geile Beine. 


The latest beauty is Connor from Germany. Its view is just sweet.

Die letzte Schönheit ist Connor aus Deutschland. Sein Blick ist einfach nur süss.

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20 thoughts on “Top 3 german language boys

    • I recommend you to take a nice trip: from the north of Italy trough Austria and Swiss, then Germany and finish in the Scandinavian countries. You’ll feast your eyes, and if you are willing to make a detour, the dutch and belgian boys can also be great. (That’s why I do make my fair share of trips). laugh

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