Daddy’s Home

I’m sure all of these pictures have been seen on this site before. So all I can add is my own perspective. And imagination.

Here’s how I expect my boys to welcome me home from a long day at the office.

daddyshome 3202

daddyshome 3205a

daddyshome 3217d

daddyshome 3221

daddyshome 3223

daddyshome 3107

daddyshome 3120



And here’s how they actually do.

daddyshome 3210


27 thoughts on “Daddy’s Home

  1. For to short a time I used to have a neighbor kid sneak in my back door after school every day, strip and wait for me in my bed. Just from 2:30 until 5:15 EVERY DAY! I miss those days, SIGH!

  2. If I had boys like those in pic 10 waiting for me, I wouldn’t complain, just because they have their tongues sticking out!! They look like a lot of fun!! And tongues can be used for a variety of fun things!! Besides, they are dressed, or rather undressed properly!!

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