23 thoughts on “His name is Dima

  1. Dima es megasexy tiene una amplia galería en la que podemos ver todos sus angulos, posiciones y sus atributos como niño para mi esta diez mmmmmm

    • He is known as “Dima (the Imp)” which doesn’t mean that it’s his real name. I remember there was an album of him on imgsrc, called eugene. Thank you anyway for the albums with some high resolution pics smile And it seems there are some other sweet albums too.

      • Ok, it’s code name. smile But in another post, someone asked real name.
        In addition to the words “the best baby in the world!” link also contains phrase about the age of 9 years. Shooting date from EXIF = August 2007 – January 2008.
        Also, on some pictures you can determine name of the city – Khabarovsk.

        • At the same time the same user gans555 was created account on imgsrk.
          Web-archive-org service shows that initially there were several password-protected albums. Later, gans555 created a new albums, but in October it was all removed.
          Three years later came the album with flowers content. Title – “punished thieves”… laugh

          • The albums on imgsrc that I mean must have been later. I didn’t visit the site before 2010 or 2011. There are some hundred pics floating on the net with exif data between 2003 and 2009 if I remember right.
            The poster gans555 claims to be his father. I’ve read that the mother detected the albums with the nude pictures, pushed the father away and took the boy to her. That’s all I “know” about it.

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