Just Trying Something New

Hey so I am tryingsomethingnew and I’m 14 years old. I am looking to meet some cool new people to chat with so if you are under 18 give me a pm!(Please include proof) I know I may not be the most attractive person, but I still hope you all enjoy! (PS sorry for any distortion and poor quality I had to take these photos with my phone)IMG_0811imageimageimageimageimage


44 thoughts on “Just Trying Something New

  1. You are handsome, but I can´t understand the intention for show your bulge.
    You are a teenager full of sexual desire. Your dick is erected? or not?

    I repeat, you are so beautifull and hot.

    If you tried other thing please, pardon me, for not understand.

    me like blush

  2. My second comment keeps disappearing. I was gonna say that if you’re really 14 i suggest you get into some sports activity like basketball or swimming or rowing for example.
    Swimming is very good to build beautiful strong chest muscles in a natural way.
    It will help you release all that unused energy in your young body and you can make some new friends who are after the same thing you are.
    On the net you never know who you’re talking to and what are his true intentions.
    Please be very careful!
    It’s slways better and safer to look for friends in real life.

  3. BLUEYES is one hundred percent correct get out there and take your world by the horns ,find people your own age ,I’m 15 so pm me if you like ,I do have an angel of a boyfriend and a very full life but I always reply to people and honesty is the only way to go ,and always be yourself , you don’t need to show your private bits to impress anyone your beautiful the way you are , just enjoy :your life ,every minute xxx obi

  4. You are very cute,so hot and very awesome, im 16 years old,if you want we can talk. I want meet you. I repeat you are very awesome inlove inlove inlove

  5. I’m way older than 18 but if you’ll take it as a nice compliment, I think you are a beautiful boy. I love your pokey-puffy nipples. Sexy! I wish I had those when I was your age! Seriously, though, listen to others on this thread. Get active, get fit, and meet boys your own age in real life, not old pervs like me online. ;-)

  6. Beautiful, beautiful face; kissalbe lips, hypnotising eyes, adorable nipples, hot body, hot legs, sexy attitude , well equiped down there, confidence, look amazing in black boxers….. Dude!! I’m 17, please do DM!!! inlove heart

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