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  1. Beautiful, cute, great looking Florian with that winning confident look was and forever will be one of the best for me.
    All the best to you Flo wherever you are and whatever you do now…

  2. Florian is the hottest no matter what pose or age at least to me. Anyone know how old he is now? Or what sites to find him on?

  3. [email protected] if you believe a word of it. I am often curious so I search him out and so often get the weirdest results, including the closing my machine from assault. Florian Podellka Poddelka poddeka and then [email protected] and they deny me, and then it does not exist. OH !! He is such an item for so many that they lay in wait. How faggotry is queer in the world, and how the ‘law’ means nothing. ha ha F* Florian, who is out of and on his own and need no longer care ! Etcetera Etcetera et Etcetera, ha ha

    • UMMM…Sometimes I don’t understand what you are trying to say or express?… What language is your native tongue?…I’m not being a smart ass or trying to insult you but often your comments are rambling and aren’t making much sense? I’ve looked up Florian and have had no problem seeing many pics young and older of him? And when you say F* Florian. Are you mad at him as if he used the modeling for his benefit and now that he’s older he’s abandoned “us”? Whats the problem? As far as what country you are in perhaps the internet spies may not allow you to view him, but don’t be mad at HIM….. no

  4. REALLY!!!! Florian,made into the biz,did very well,was really a great young man to get along with,yeah hes older now,in hes 20’s,and hes really hot.Some people are just jealous,like jealous of Justin Bieber,but,Florian,had,and does have a much greater personality than Justin Bieber.Florian,is,from what i hear,still in the biz,in some sort of way.I’m 19,and i would love to see what he looks like now. All the best to him,his family,and may he always have that wonderful smile…….the sun upon his face,the wind at his back,and long life,and a beautiful family to love for his and his wife’s very own.Its not all about pedo’s looking at young boys,believe it or not,i look,for mostly,the envy,the vanity,Its okay.Being 19 is a blessing.Anyway,that’s all. God’s speed for all the young boys who wanna be models. Stay cool all. Kindly…Mike. good good

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