My kingdom for a kiss upon your shoulder


Tadzio (bjorn andrensen) death in Venice

imageimageSkippy &sonny imageTomas fryk in barnens o (children’s island)imageimageimageimage
imageRitchie looks more beautiful every time I see him

13 thoughts on “My kingdom for a kiss upon your shoulder

  1. Thanks guys , I’m always proud of my taste in beauty and I love different things in each of these boys ,thankyou for your comments and please feel free to pm me anytime xxx obi

  2. Wow, it has been about 50 years since I saw a Skippy and Sonny on TV for the first time.
    Skippy, Skippy
    Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
    Skippy, Skippy
    Skippy, our friend ever true

    And before Skippy is Emil’s charming smile. And then all those other memories. Wonderful boys, beautiful boys.
    Then, the last boy who is certainly bewitched me. For me, Ritchie represents all the beauty of what the boys have. And specifically the beauty of the boys. Thank you very much for your lovely boys, Obi. heart hug smile

  3. Thankyou guys your comments mean a lot to me ,I sometimes get tired of seeing package after package when their all pretty much the same just different sizes and thicknesses etc ,but the beauty of facial features and body structures are so varied and interesting,don’t get me wrong I still love a surprise package every now and then who doesn’t ?

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