2 Boys From My Middle School Years

The boy on the right’s name is Justice and on the left is Brandon. Brandon was one of my first major crushes back in 4th grade. Back then he was a new kid who quickly became popular and I found him so hot and athletic that I couldn’t help staring at him a lot. He also had long Justin Bieber- like hair which I thought made him look even more attractive. I had a crush on him all the way until 8th grade but I don’t see him anymore because he went to a different high school.


10 thoughts on “2 Boys From My Middle School Years

  1. Very nice tale of lost love. Different from mine. Real first loves without return. SnFFFFMMmmFFff, WAH !!! But very real. ♥♡♥♡ Thanks for this memory maker and a few tears to go with it. ♥♡ !

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