Help this boy

Heartbreaking. A boy with a beautiful heart.

Seven-year-old boy who spent two years growing out his hair to donate to cancer patients has been diagnosed with aggressive form of the disease

– Vinny Desautels grew his hair to 13 inches in two years to donate to charity

– Shortly after his hair was cut in March, Vinny developed a swollen eye

– Doctors found growths on the bone around his eye, his hip and cheek

– The cancer is Stage 4, his father says, but doctors are still working to determine the type

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13 thoughts on “Help this boy

  1. My heart is with him. I know it’s stage 4, that pretty much means death. I hope there’s a way to save him. I’m crying for such a sweet angel. He’ll be missed if they can’t help him. cry hug

  2. Another angel that God wants back , this world can be a cruel harsh place but it has its places and people of extreme beauty like Angel vinny, God bless you and protect you xxx

  3. There is a way to save him and it isn’t with the billion dollar cancer industry.
    If he takes plenty of bi-carb of soda every day, , in a few weeks the cancer will be gone. Why? Because cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline body. Bi-carb of soda is an alkaline.
    I have a friend who had bad cancer of the colon and prostate. He cured himself in weeks with that remedy.
    No doctor will tell you this because they have all been brainwashed by the Big Pharm.

  4. i was very sad to hear about wee vinny i pray to God to save this kid and to heal him so he can enjoy him self again P S i also pray for his family to they must be very up set right now.

    Jason (from the uk)

  5. Grew his hair to give away at age seven ? Requiring parents permission … thus child abuse. Grows his hair to 13 inches and gives it to charity ? Requiring parents permission … thus child abuse.

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