Member’s Choice: PAIRS

This is a 3 Part Survey.  10 Boy Pairs.

3 Questions:

  1.  Which Pair is the Best Looking?
  2. Which Pair is the Cutest?
  3. Which Pair is the Hottest?   













Thanks for your participation.

41 thoughts on “Member’s Choice: PAIRS

  1. That first one where the younger one knows exactly what they’re implying, grabbing each others “bananas” is priceless. Number eight ain’t bad either, as all of them, but I’d toss all three rings over the first couple today.

  2. ( Sorry traduction french ) smile
    1 : one couple very hot ( mais le plus jeune est magnific ).
    9 : ( ils sont très mignons, moi aimer être avec eux ) .
    Thank you smile

    • What is ‘ traduction French ‘ ? Or, do you mean, simply, ‘ bad use of or unfamiliar use of the language ‘ ? Surely that is what you mean, not a put down or maliciousness ( see : TRADUCE ). The simple way to say it might be ‘ sorry, bad language use ‘. That happens, translating from one to another and responding back … USA slang gives me that headache, as well as figuring the meanings of business executive ways of ‘ odd-speak ‘ in the boardroom ( see : Wall Street Journal laugh . ) I am still trying to figure how to reply to the ‘ survey ‘. I shall reply later about that.

  3. Which Pair is the Best Looking?
    9 – i love darker skin and i love there shorts

    Which Pair is the Cutest?
    2 – because i love long blond haird

    Which Pair is the Hottest?
    6 – Surferboys are alway the hottest!

  4. Wow that was harder than i thought it wood be (hehe) ,for my choices it has to be all the surf grommets ,#6 ,#2 and #6 but all the couples deserve a lollipop ,and thankyou Jake that was fun dash wacko inlove dog

  5. Picture Number Eight answers each of the three categories … choice for each category to make sure they win. Picture Number One is cute but not like Picture Number Eight. Picture Number Eight does all the rest of the given three categories fully. It is of two guys in swimwear, arms over each shoulders, semi-hugging, and heads touching. Not a gay / queer / homo pose, just close friends posing for a picture, a pose as two good looking guys being friendly. I think the survey has an answer. dash laugh

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