11 thoughts on “Blond

    • What does Cupid look like ? Cupid is a male with poison arrow, originally, to make love upon a waken of a woman. The story has various versions, but CUPID is always a MALE. His purpose is to make a virgin love whoever she sees first upon the arrow’s plunge into her and there he is except … and … uh oh …. and other versions come to be. You are to be the one to descend those jeans and find his smooth and show his soft. You are the one to get him to love you. You be the one to get him to get your love hands and You are the one to get him to get you into the his clouds of his love. (• ε •) ha ha ha You never return. Ahh !!! You are maybe that one. In that sense, you are your own cupid. ha ha ha drinks congratulations. drinks smile

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