Beauty Summer XX

“Emotions, gestures, feelings, pain, do not think about sex. Boys are boys, NO hurt them!!”
I try to post pictures that do not have any sexual sense. I love boys the way they deserve, Please never touch a child !! Never hurt him !!
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13 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XX

  1. I’m very happy you continue to post that opening message every beautiful post you put up here thankyou and keep protecting the innocent rusthy xxx obi

    • Unfortunately this blog is filling with degenerate pedophiles. Who Make sexual comments even of very young children. They could be her sons or little brothers.
      We are here to admire the beauty, innocence, joy, and everything that a child deserves, respect, care and affection.
      Whoever touches a child with sexual intentions should go to the gallows.
      And I was thinking in post pictures of my son, but I was thinking in leaving this blog.
      I ask for the support of all to eliminate to those who we do not want here.
      Get out, Degenerates sad

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