37 thoughts on “Perfection

    • I heard that in sone pkaces in America they won’t even let you near the beach in speedos because supposedly its too revealing.
      What idiot thought of that?
      And here in my town in Europe tourists walk around town shirtless and in underwear. Nobody cares.

  1. There is towns in New South Wales Australia near the beaches and rivers where kids still walk around naked ,mostly up north but we have nudist beaches in Sydney harbour too laugh wacko

  2. Hello BluEyes, yes it is like that all over America. I live here and they have so many petty laws and such. I’ve been thinking about moving out your way. If you like to chat PM me, . the pics are wonderful. Yummie.

  3. 1, 7. Picture Number One and Picture Number Seven are as close to perfect as to Cupid as they say Cupid is as perfect is can be dash drinks heart . ( Cupid as the novel with the pure arrow of pure instant love, love at first sight, but a reject anyway by godly misalign ) smile

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