10 thoughts on “Aratuan 8

  1. I’ve loved this boy since the first time I saw him. Beautiful face, beautiful body, sexy little speedo swimsuit, and great photography to show him off BEST!

    Thanks for these classic pics!

  2. Okay NOT too bad……a little OVER choreographed and staged…Just speaking from another photogs perspective! No disrespect intended!!!

    • Please excuse this intrusion. What do you mean by ” OVER choreographed ” ? Are you saying, as from, or of, ” another photogs perspective! ”, that there needs be, or, usually, is, as a regular, let us say, pre-arrangement, a regular choreographing in photography? As if you know better ? Figure many times yes and many times no. Depending. So what is your objection, photographer man ? Posing is not your style ? Or, do you prefer sneak peeks ? Please realize most human actions are regular, even as sex copulating. Why is XXX rating so easy, once set up ? Just curious. Ignorant me. Sorry.

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