11 thoughts on “Boy On Boy Action

    • Yes, it is the movie “Jamais sans toi” 2009 Brazil, by Aluizio Abranches
      with João Gabriel Vasconcellos, Rafael Cardoso, Júlia Lemmertz
      Titre original : “Do começo ao fim” Titre international : “From Beginning to End”

  1. I like the look of the older boy in the bed (pic # 1) looking at the younger one as if to say “Im gonna show you how its done boy!”…Reminds me of a similar situation when I was 12 and he was 15..!

  2. Wrestling Crotch Grab could be innocent & coincidental or it may be intentional 2 show other youth what he really really wants. I always felt subconscious when I was wrestling at that age that everyone already knew I was a fag, & I thought I was the only deviant at school from 6th Grade n2 Jr. High

    • Really huh? When we did wrestling in 7th grade….. I was the bottom dude in the doggie style position ya’know on all fours the first time the kid knelled next to me to get into position and wrapped his arms around my stomach I started to get hard!!! I was like OMG no not now!!!

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