Pics After a Shower

I want to first say thank you all for all the support so far. I don’t have the best self esteem, so every piece of advice and compliment does mean a lot. Next I wanna say that I am still looking for any PM’s from guys under 18, but I will only be responding to them if they are a simple compliment or include proof. Simply sending a photo of you next to one of my posts or the site’s front page would be just fine for proof. With all that out of the way I hope you all enjoy my second wave of photos! smile






36 thoughts on “Pics After a Shower

    I do not understand why would you have self esteem issues to begin with?
    You have very cute face, nice body for your age, no unwanted hair or dark spots on your beautiful body. No ugly bones sticking out, etc. You look great and like I advised you in last post get yourself in some sport and the self esteem will come. (Along with good looking muscles) trust me.
    I am way over 18 but if i showed you my current pic trust me, you are very good looking compared to me! Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t care so much about what others think or say about you. Usually, those that say bad things about others, they are the most unsecure people of all.
    I’m much older than you but nevertheless if you need any type of advice anytime feel free to ask. I will always find the time.

    • Once again BLUEYES is spot on ,you are still young like me give yourself a chance ,Iv been in relationship since 11years with same boyfriend and we’ll be forever I know ,people who hate ,hate themselves most xxx obi

    • HE IS SHOWING IT OFF. A question is, why assert or declare or describe a self as ” I don’t have the best self esteem ” yet show off the body, AND show it off HERE. Ascertain he cannot be accurate. laugh Billy the Kidd is better accurate than that. BANG BANG laugh laugh

  2. No need for low self esteem u got a hot body great looking guy any girl would be lucky to have u always remember u got a lot to smile about and not worry about what others think of u smile

    • He says he is here before. He is not new. Agree, no need for low self esteem. He is better than not ugly, better than plain, better than ok, better than average in every body’s statements. So what is it that makes him repeat that self esteem issue ? AH HA !!! He no where writes he feels bad. He at no point writes that he has low, or bad, self esteem. He asserts that ” I don’t have the best self esteem, so every piece of advice and compliment does mean a lot. ” He lacks nothing but more. LIAR LIAR
      dash dash

  3. And you don’t need to show your body for people to like you ,I do not post pics of myself that’s for me and my boyfriend,maybe I might post one sometime but only if I want not to please everyone only myself xxx obi laugh

    • But this tryingnewthings guy is a less than accurate expostulator. He wants all the attention he can get and plays the sad poor boy routine. He actually says so ==> read what he actually writes and how he writes it. You need to plow the ground, do the hoe, use the pike, get to the bottom with a shovel, move the words around, and find the root. This is your language. Use it and discover it. In Kentucky, USA, he is a ” LI’R ”, to be nice about it ( as per University of Kentucky, Louisville, KY, USA, Library, Explanatory Dictionary, Southern Expletives ). yes yes

      • YOU’RE = YOU ARE. also writ in use as YOU’R = YOU ARE … YOUR ==> as in possession or 100 other meanings. At that I have no reference further for any other spelling for any similar meaning. I know exactly what you say as original but you want to get it ‘ right ‘, or as the secretaries require, as such as the American Association of Executive Secretaries of old (1970’s ), now a disband into varieties. Used to have a 800 number for office help at $400 an hour. Where MS magazine gets its name. google has no ref as it is out of date and not worth updating ( Wikipedia is outdate and loosing as a source ). tryingnewthings is a fraud. cool cool

        • Have YOU ever heard the expression “If you cant say nuthin nice..DONT say nuthin at all”?……(Circa “Thumper”)(Snow White)…Look it up!! Leave this kid alone! Why continue to harass and call him a liar ? Why don’t you just MOVE ON?…Don’t respond to him them,YOU are just as bad as you are accusing him of being, trying to vie for attention!!!…Not only that! you are very incoherent and off the wall?. Your babbling and muttering is a little too much.Leave him be….mind your business!….Go play cards ..Whatever floats your boat?…….Geeez what NAG !

  4. Okay ill try again….All I was saying was that IM in TOTAL love with your pics!!! and you!! I love your Beautiful Face. Your Smokey eyes, your oh so kissable lips cute sexy nose, That smooth silky hair and that smoother soft lookin skin make me go crazy for you!! Im a BIG FAN !!! YOU ARE HOT BOY!!..Don’t ever sell yourself short!! You should “VOUGE” baby boy! …Id do anything to have you! If you were my boyfriend id worship you from head to toe!!! Ive had boyfriends/lovers/friends with benefits and “str8 boys” who only go with girls be with me( okay conceited or confidant, you choose) but that’s what they told me? You are the exact type of guy that I would SOOOO go for… Id be all over you like white on rice baby!!! Don’t think im just kissin you booty ! ( Welll… okay lets not go there! lol) That’s for a pm!…But YOU ARE HOT and I could only wish to meet you or someone like you! A Boy Of My Dreams 4 sho… Im lookin forward to seein more of you..You are as hot as anyone of these other boys. We (you) all have our own special unique heart attributes and you ARE especially hot and appealing to me! Can you hear my heart goin “Thump,Thump,Thump” !!!….Love ya!! heart wacko Hope to see and talk to you soon!!

    • Reads as a selfie …. reads astryingnewthings coming on as another person by way of another name to describe himself to us all so we might adore him more as he wishes to have such. May 15, 2016 by tryingnewthings = boyaddicked | May 16, 2016 at 12:36 pm . Masturbating can be FUN. He might want help doing it. Forget COPPS disease. laugh laugh laugh Beware yes yes Beware sayeth the mean one. laugh laugh laugh

      • Still incoherently babbling “pal”…YOU seem to me to be a very jealous and envious person! diablo anger I think that your upset because #1 you aren’t as young as him- ANYMORE dash -#2 don’t look like him/were never as hot as he is (probably never were!) #3 Cant have him!!!… yes .. So what if he wants adoration and kudos,praise and attention. Maybe if someone would have given you some love and attention you wouldn’t be such a Curmudgeon?….. laugh donkey monkey

    • Beggars can choose. Shorts and your undies — down and off, and they can and do beat you meanwhile, for physical real or some on line e-way. The contents of your accounts so they takes e-meanwhiles. Beware of any and every thing on any site, this site too. While you get him, as, for example, tryingnewthings , to get you something, you get got while awaiting them to get at something else while they are really getting you. For some beggars, it is always hunger, be it high sea, desert, mountain, or goldilocks, as certain types have no cure nor ever their fill.

  5. Wow evreybody writes such beautiful things, awesome. If you have it, show it. Youre like one of the most elgible in the world. Dont feel bad or that low self asteem non sence. You rock and youre hot.

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