17 thoughts on “Sexy Jimmy

  1. I speak English like a Spanish cow (French phrase!), write it’s worse! So…Jim-Tonik (Jimmy), he is a prince, a king, a fool of physics, must young boys, his face, his chest, his legs, his skin … inlove

  2. it was good to see wee jimmy again hope you will show more of him soon again and where is his pal ROBBIE i know he is much older now but it would be good to see pics of him to again .
    Jason (from the uk)
    smile laugh good drinks

  3. can you please put ROBBIE AND TONIK CLIPs BACK ON it was called milk and the othere one was pool milk i just love seeing them play with milk its just great to watch them.
    good good good

  4. #7 I entered the room as he was lying down on the ground and pinned him. I pressed his shoulders firmly onto the floor and checked out his arm muscles which were completely soft and relaxed. Then I flexed for him my biceps (see my profile picture). He took it with his hands and checked its size and firmness. He caressed it for several minutes, producing occasionally sounds of exclamation and admiration. I compared for him my bulging biceps to his tiny arm and then left the room holding hands with his girlfriend.

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