45 thoughts on “Some Beauties :)

  1. Thankyou sascha for giving us this opportunity to express our common love of beauty and innocence in a special community and for another awesome post xxx obi inlove

  2. I let myself captive in this ±order: iris/pupil/eyelid , frow, lips, corner, smile, mouth / teeth, eyes details (eyelashes, eyebrows, flicker …), lobed/finned nose; haircut, coulor…/… And leave me enchant ooohhhh inlove aaanyyy wonderful, all. But intuition impress suddenly with the gold hit drinks

  3. Yes Sashhh…Some of the best hotties come from your boy vault..whats the combo laugh You’ve got my interest!!! Love these boys .So F`in HOT….Want them ALL !!! Good Job ! Thamks now I cant sleep smile

  4. I wonder if the boys (now a days) are aware that there are a lot of men that would love to be with them. I was told in my 20’s that I was the obsession of a few men. I never had thought about it. Besides, I was hung up on boys that looked younger than me.

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