Thank you @Sasha + more cute twin boys

I want to take the opportunity to thank the man in charge @Sascha for posting my Happy birthday post about the Sweeten brothers in time yesterday.
It was a very special post for me and all those who love them. And a unique chance to wish them a happy birthday.
Thank you for understanding what that post is all about. With so many members posting every day It’s very difficult to guess when to submit a post in order to get it published on a certain date.
And since they were born as identical twin brothers today i would like to continue in the same direction.
Here is a pair of twin brothers i was lucky to photograph last summer.
I think they are from Germany and i really like them.IMG_20150831_182040-1
And in continuation some more cute twins from my collection.
I would like to dedicate them to my great friend @Florian1 who with his friendship and support keeps proving to be more like a brother than a friend to me every day. If only there were more guys like you in my neck of the woods.32



Twin Boys

Twin Boys


15 thoughts on “Thank you @Sasha + more cute twin boys

  1. I dated a twin once. The other one wasn’t gay, or so he said. Turned out he came over several times pretending to be his twin brother. I wouldn’t have known except the “gay one” dropped in while he was there. They had a conversation, I got to be “the center” of their attention for a day. I COULD NOT TELL THEM APART!

  2. Oh they are all so beautiful, I love twins smile The first set- boys from Germany are so adorable.. glad you got some sweet pics. All the other pics are great as well but there’s something about those little blonds in the blue striped shirts hug heart thanks!!

      • s the first pair i took last summer and last pair i took back in 2012.
        Both here in Europe.
        Others are stock photos.
        I personally love the second pair very much. There’s something special about them.
        I am finding it harder and harder to take photos myself. People get the wrong idea about me and don’t understand how much i long for cute boys especially brothers considering i never had a brother. People are usually unbelievably selfish and don’t care about making anybody else happy. Which brings me down and sad even more.
        Thank you all for your beautiful comments.

        • I fail to understand how many people do not want their picture taking. I wish it were never me anyone take but I am odd. Most always seem to WANT their picture taking. ( there is one down town who at one time does his version plus a free Polaroid, before it went out of biz ). You have difficulty ? I fail to even be able to try, and spend a thousand on equipment and utterly fail. Others have no problem. ???!!!

  3. I’ve always been fascinated by twins, they really drive me crazy wacko

    So, this post it’s spectacular!, your photos are just amazing, it’s really a good work, you had lucky to found such an adorable pair and of course the other pictures are the cutest too. heart

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