10 thoughts on “I Love me some summer bodies!

  1. # 4 Once again reminds me of the same thing I just posted on the # just hug me post. Had a friend that I was so in love with in jr,high .He was the most popular and cutest boy on campus and once when we went swimming , we were horse playing around in the pool trying to dunk each other from the back when I just couldn’t help myself and started to “stick” him (trunks on of course) with my ,well you know!!! In the butt area….He laughed aloud but to my embarrassment he was laughing while yelling out loud..”He’s tryin to rape me”!!!..Laughung at the whole thing.He thought it was funny but I thought the adults at the pool would say something!! OMG….BUT The funny thing was that no one was even paying attention at all??.GO FIGURE…

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