Impetus Underwear かわいい(Kawaii!)

I first saw this boy the other day on this blog and instantly fell in love in love with him. I found a little more of him and some friends and a video. He modeled for Impetus Underwear. If anyone can find more of him or knows his name, you can PM me.



instantlyinlove instantlyinlovepart2 Impetus-Junior-Seamless-1 ImpetusJunior8-1 ImpetusJunior4-1 ImpetusJunior3-1 ImpetusJunior2-1 ImpetusJunior1-1

17 thoughts on “Impetus Underwear かわいい(Kawaii!)

  1. Thanks for sharing once again, I’m totally in love with him too. gamer

    The other boys in the vid are also cute but he’s with no doubt the cutest heart

    The video it’s just amazing, thanks again for this magnificent post. drinks

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