6 thoughts on “Lill guy

  1. Nerds can be hotties too! Personally I don’t think he looks nerdy But,The pic doesn’t really do him justice (I think) its out of focus and the angle don’t show what Im seeing through it all.Look at his eyes big and brown with a little almond like slant at the corners ,a cute strong nose.nice kissable lips and some VERY clear smooth skin! Even has baby dimples in that smile…I LIKE HIM ! The big black framed glasses may throw it off a bit but like I said I think it has a lot to do with the angle of the photo?…..I think he CUTE and would like to see some clearer straight on shots of him with and without the specs…. I wanna see more babyboy1322…… Theres a hot one under all that!!! hug

      • No Problemo…. If that’s the nicest thing ever said to you ,Id look for better people who appreciate your attributes!!,,You don’t have to thank me though,Youre the one that’s hot! I like you and think your hot! Once you get your pics at the right , angles and focus laugh I’m teasing you to be funny !! I hope your smiling and laughing about it right now! youll get it! It will be interesting to see more, Like seeing your body too! WOW..smoothboy! Wish I was in the Netherlands!! I wanna see more babyboy1322

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