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As I am celebrating my 6 month anniversary as a member of this blog, I thought that I would share with my friends, my submissions to my two favorite sites, BOB and YOUTUBE!!



oh congrulations Robert Sodervick joy Then i will add my favorite birthday boy here, so it is a bit more colorful too penguin Sascha

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  1. Congrats Robert, six months can be a lifetime, in all the best ways, especially in this site. Hope to be around here at least as long, but just getting started. Dave.

  2. Thanks Dave! My life is really good right now! I live in San Francisco, and we have “all ages clubs” where they have live music, so a lot of teenage boys go to them to watch the shows, or even to perform, although they are not allowed to drink! So a typical weekend for me is to go to one of these clubs and have a steak dinner, with a couple of cold beers, and watch a band like WJM. WJM is William, Jeremy and Max, three really talented and cute boys! Look them up on my YouTube channel.

    • I used to fly a lot using the triangle fare. It was from Alaska, to Hawaii, and you could include any west coast city as a free bonus coming or going. I’d hit San Fran. and also a stop in Seattle. Darn, when they stopped it. I’m jealous of those kind of opportunities that city has to offer. Thanks for the tip WJM, I’ll look them up.

    • Thanks Obi! Yes, I have pictures of WJM in my BOB posts, which are really nice, and you can see how beautiful William, Jeremy, and Max are in them! But, if you look up their videos on my YouTube channel, I promise that you won’t be disappointed!! These guys are really talented and great performers too!!

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